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The Warlock, the Hare, and the Dragon

Sir Damon Kildare has a problem: it's this infernal Challenge. To succeed at it, he needs a pair of silver scales from a living dragon. Which would be bad enough if there were any left alive in the world, but everyone knows all the dragons are extinct.

Perhaps Miss Zenobia Gardsmark, daughter of the last dragonslayer, has some pertinent information. But she has problems of her own: such as why, despite a strong understanding of the theoretical concepts of magic, she cannot cast even the simplest cantrip.

But if she can't help him ... well, that's when all Hell will break loose.

The Warlock, the Hare, and the Dragon is a two-part series. L. Rowyn is presently working on the manuscript for the second book, and hopes to release the first volume in 2017.