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Alien Peacelords

Why have a midlife crisis on Earth when you can have one among the stars?

With faster-than-light space travel, flying cars, and biological advances that eliminated most diseases, Fali-tan is more technologically advanced than Earth in every respect save one: computers. Fali-tan barely made it past abacuses. But after discovering their long-lost cousins on Earth, Fali-tan's population is eager to achieve their own Information Age.

After her third post-release layoff from a major gaming studio, Coriolis Washington is ready to try something new. Like, going-to-another-world new. And whatever her friend's lurid romance novels might say, Cori knows perfectly well that Fali-tan needs programmers to write code -- not sexy women to fill out harems.

As the leaders of their people, the peacelords of Fali-tan's Peacelord Union will go to great lengths to attract skilled Earth developers to their nations.

... and the shocking, overwhelming physical attractiveness of humans is the least of Coriolis's charms to rival peacelords and ex-lovers Dhavoran and Tyvalon.

Coming 2023